Advice in German and Italian Law

Why choose us?

  • We offer personal and individual advice
  • We are not only experts in the legal systems of each country, but also understand the differences in mentality, the expectations that might differ between the parties as well as their local legal and administrative environment. This helps us to facilitate the negotiations and avoid typical problems that might arise due to the cultural differences in cross-border relationships right from the start.
  • We mainly advise small and medium enterprises and owner-managed businesses
  • We look on ourselves as entrepreneurs with practical experience in the industry. This is the basis of our service: the way we think, write and speak always takes into account the problems and worries of the entrepreneur.
  • We analyse the legal situation and then find a sensible and implementable solution
  • We only litigate as a last resort
  • We have a vast network of professionals. Legal experts, tax advisors, accountants and consultants etc., both in Germany and abroad.